Upcoming OC Events in March

Click here for the full March Calendar for all of OC's Best Events!

1. California Bridal & Wedding Expo

Features anamazing selection of wedding professionals ready to help you find the perfect gown, reception venue, invitations, photographers, music, menu, honeymoon destination and much more! 

Info: https://cabridalshows.com/

Location: OC Fair & Event Center

Date and Time: 3/12 (12:30 - 5pm)

2. Irish Event 

Come for great food, drinks and live music! During Irish Fest, Corned Beef and Cabbbage and Irish will be served at the Biergarden!

Info: https://www.oldworldhb.com/irishfest/

Location: Old World Village, Huntington Beach 

Date and Time: 3/17 - 3/19 ( Various hours )

3. OC Pet & Reptile Expo 

Our family-friendly pet event includes product representation from local pet stores and manufactures, accessories like leashes and collars, dog and cat beds, treats and other goodies and our reptile room is full of exotic reptiles including lizards, snakes, spiders, tortoises and frogs supported by some of the best vendors in the industry. 

Info: https://www.centralvalleyreptileexpo.com/orangecounty.html

Location: OC Fair & Event Center

Date: 3/25-3/26 (Sat 10 am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm)

4. OC Wine & Spirit Fest

Created to bring a modern tasting experience to the people of Orange County with luxe vibes and a laid-back coastal altitude. With the focus on fun, complemented by global tasting that will include wine, craft beer, spirits, hard seltzers and more. 

Info: https://ocwineandspiritfest.com/

Location: Giracci Vineyards & Farms, Silverado 

Date and Time: 3/28-3/29 (1pm-5pm)

5. Beyond Wonderland 

It's time to journey back down the rabbit hole for this Alice in Wonderland themed fest. Insomiac's springtime EDM festival features everything from house to trance to dubstep to drum and bass 

Info: https://socal.beyondwonderland.com/

Location: NOS Event Center

Date and Time: 3/24 - 3/25 (5pm-2am) 

6. Bubble Run 

Run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles of rad real estate. Foam Bogs of colored suds are encountered along the courses, bringing back memories of car washes and bathtub bubble beards 

Info: https://bubblerun.com/

Location: OC Fair & Event Center 

Date and Time: 3/25 (6 am) 

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